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RealCom Abroad - RATES


Pay-as-you-go services are the most flexible option RealCom Abroad offers. You will need to rent a mobile device for the monthly fee as shown on our products page that can be used to send calls and texts during your stay in Spain. Charges accumulate according to the RealCom Abroad pay-as-you-go rates listed below and you are billed during the first week of each month for the previous billing cycle (billing cycles end on the 17th of each month). You may also check your usuage to date throughout the month by requesting a “clear my balance” in your “My Account” to help track your spending.


Voice calls within Spain   Destination of call
Connection fee Cell (Price/Minute) Landline (Price/Minute)
National calls to fixed phones (landline) and National Cellular networks 0,15 € 0,08 € 0,08 €
National calls between RealCom customers 0,15 € 0,00 €  
National calls to Voice mail (Movistar) FREE FREE
National calls to toll-free numbers (900, 800) FREE FREE
National calls to 901 numbers 0,26 €   0,26 €
National calls to 902 numbers 0,39 €   0,39 €
Incoming calls FREE FREE FREE


Billing Zone   Destination of call
Connection fee International Cell (Price/Minute) International Landline (Price/Minute)
Zone 1, 2, 3 0,16 € 0,29 € 0,29 €
Zone 4 0,26 € 0,68 € 0,68 €
Zone 5 0,26 € 1,29 € 1,29 €
Satellite networks and maritime/airborne operators (*) 0,30 € 4,00 € 4,00 €

(*) Inmarsat (Aero,By M, Mini M), Iridium (General and Restricted Coverage), Emsat, Thuraya, MCP, Norwegian Aereo Mobile

Calling rates by billing zone can be consulted in the following table:

Zone 1 Andorra, Germany, France (includes Monaco), Portugal, UK, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, San Marino, Sweden, Vatican City, Switzerland (includes Liechtenstein), Iceland and Norway.
Zone 2 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Feroe Islands, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Albania, Argelia, Belorus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Libia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldavia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine.
Zone 3 USA, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and parts of the Caribbean (Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermudas, Caimanes, Dominica, República Dominicana, Granada, Isla de Guernsey, Isla Jersey, Isla de Man, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, San Cristóbal y Nevis, San Vicente y Granadinas, Santa Lucía, Trinidad y Tobago, Turks y Caicos, Islas Vírgenes Americanas e Islas Vírgenes Británicas).
Zone 4 Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Venezuela, Dutch Antilles, Aruba, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Greenland, Guadalupe, Guatemala, French Guayana, Ecuatorial Guinea, Guayana, Haiti, Honduras, Falkland Islands, Martinique, Panama, Paraguay, St. Pierre and Miquelon, Suriname y Uruguay.
Zone 5 All other countries.

The prices are the same regardless of the time of day of the call.

International videocalls are charged a rate of 1,50  /min, with a connection fee of 0,30€, independently of the zone being called


SMS and MMS   Destination
Connection fee National International
Text Messages FREE 0,12 € 0,39 €
Incoming Text Messages FREE FREE FREE
MMS FREE 0,55 € 1,25 €


Data use in Spain, outside of data plans
1 € / MB. 100KB minimum billable volume per session. 0,10€ connection fee and 0,10€ every hour of connection.


The standard worldwide rate plan is the default option and will be applied to all lines not otherwise specified. There are no quotas or monthly fees.

While in roaming mode there are four different price zones:

Zone 1 Western Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Vatican City [Italian operated], Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain [by zone being called only], Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadalupe, French Guyana, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Reunion Islands, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Monaco (French-operated), Norway, Poland, Portugal, UK, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino [Italian operated] and Sweden.
Zone 2 USA, Canada, North Africa and all other parts of Europe (Albania, Andorra, Algeria, Bielorrusia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, United States, Isle of Man, Guernsey Island, Jersey Island, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldavia, Montenegro, the Republic of Georgia, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey y Ukraine).
Zone 3 Landbased operators in all other locations.
Special Zones Satellite, maritime and airborne operators.

Call volume while roaming is calculated in seconds from the first second (For simplicity, prices in the table below are listed in €/minute)

a.- As seen below, calls made while roaming will be charged a connection fee of 0.46 € and the price per second will vary according to the zone where the call is originated and the zone being called, regardless of the time of day the call is made.

Roaming calls to units in the Special Zone will be charged 7.99 € per minute independently of the zone from which the call is originated and independently of type of contract.

Origin Destination
Zone 1 (Price/Minute) Zone 2 (Price/Minute) Zone 3 (Price/Minute)
Zone 1 0,195 € 1,09 € 2,19 €
Zone 2 1,09 € 1,09 € 2,19 €
Zone 3 2,19 € 2,19 € 2,19 €

b.- When a call has the same country of origin and destination the price per second is reduced by the amount shown in the table below and will be charged a connection fee of 0.46 €

Calls to parties within the same country My World (Price/Minute)
Zone 1 0.195 €
Zone 2 0,69 €
Zone 3 1,19 €

c.- For calls received while roaming a connection fee of 0.46 € will be maintained. The price of calls made while roaming varies according to the call destination according to the following table:

Location being called (*) My World (Price/Minute)
Zone 1 0,09 €
Zone 2 0,69 €
Zone 3 1,19 €

d.- For data use while roaming

Data use while Roaming - Internet / e-mail / BB Messenger / other Apps Price / MB
Zone 1 5€ / MB. 100KB minimum billable volume per session.
Zone 2, Zone 3 10€ / MB. 100KB minimum billable volume per session, in 10 Kb blocks

e.- For SMS ans MMS while roaming originated on

SMS and MMS while roaming SMS MMS Messages
Zone 1 0,30 € 0,55 € + 3 € per each 300 Kb.
Zone 2 0,75 € 0,55 € + 3 € per each 300 Kb.
Zone 3 0,75 € 0,55 € + 3 € per each 300 Kb.
Text messages received while roaming FREE 3 € per each 300 Kb.




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