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RealCom Abroad - RATES


If you expect to use your phone often and to make international calls, a plan may be the best option. The monthly cost of the plan includes a rental device and a predetermined allowance of anywhere minutes and national text messages. If you exceed your monthly allowance, you will be charged for additional usage according to the RealCom Abroad overage rates listed below.


Minutes (1) RCA to RCA (2) Domestic TXT (3) Data Access (4) Monthly Fee (5) Overage (6)
TALK & TEXT 21 200 Free 100 No 49 € 0.39 €
TALK & TEXT 2.1 200 Free ULTD Unlimited 69 € 0.39 €
TALK & TEXT 31 300 Free 100 No 59 € 0.39 €
TALK & TEXT 3.1 300 Free ULTD Unlimited 79 € 0.39 €
TALK & TEXT 41 400 Free 100 No 69 € 0.39 €
TALK & TEXT 4.1 400 Free ULTD Unlimited 89 € 0.39 €

(1) The plans include national calls to fixed phones (landline), national cellular networks and international calls to Zone 1-2-3 while in Spain • For national calls, call volume will be charged per second, except for the first minute which will always be charged in full. For international calls, call volume will be charged in 30 second fractions, except for the first minute which will always be charged in full. Calls to special destinations not included (i.e.90X-80X numbers). Roaming charges apply outside Spain.

(2) Unlimited calls between RealCom Abroad customers.

(3) When text message allowance is exceeded, additional domestic text messages will be charged 0,15 €/txt. MMS not included.

(4) Download speed will be reduced to 128Kbps/64Kbps after reaching 500 MB of download. Roaming charges apply for data outside Spain.

(5) Taxes and overage charges not included.

(6) Overage charges occur when you exceed your plan Minutes allowance

No Rollover: Unused minutes and text messages are not accumulated or carry over from one month to the next. Unused minutes and text messages are not redeemable for cash or credits.

All additional services not included in this document will be charged according to the Pay As You Go rates.




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